Book Reviews

  • QAIT

    The Quantum Age of IT
    Charles Araujo

    IT as we know it is dead. Forces are at work, reshaping the very fabric of the IT organization. Driven by our own history, changing perceptions of how technology should work and newfound, but very real, competition, IT organizations are struggling to evolve - but into what? In The Quantum Age of IT, Charles Araujo examines what has led us to this point and what it means to the future of IT organizations.

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  • The Phoenix Project
    Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford

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    LEAD I.T
    Sharron Spratt

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  • IRP

    An Integrated Requirements Management Process
    Peter Brooks

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  • Plus

    Plus! The Standard+Case Approach
    Rob England

    Standard+Case is an exciting new approach to categorising and resolving any sort of response activity. This is a must read for anyone who has anything to do with responding to situations when providing a service.

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  • images

    ABC of ICT
    Paul WIlkinson & Jan Schilt

    This publication is aimed at any ITSM professional who is looking to make their ITSM initiatives a success. It is aimed at those needing guidance on they way in which the ‘Attitude’, the ‘Behaviour’ and the ‘Culture’ within the world of ICT and all of its stakeholders, are taken into account and consciously addressed.

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  • tools

    IT Tools for the Business when the Business is IT – Selecting and Implementing IT Service Management Tools
    Robert Falkowitz

    This book discusses how to successfully select and deploy an ITSM tool. It also provides explanatory and documentary support for the various chapters in the book and presents diagrams, samples and templates that can be reused and adapted depending on the organisation’s requirements.

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  • matters

    IT That Matters – An Executive’s Guide to Maximising the Strategic Value From Your IT Investment
    Dennis G. Ravenelle

    This executive guide distils and serves up the eight imperatives that executives must imprint into their organizations' cultures and execute to make the ascent from the bottom of the maturity scale - initial, ad hoc, chaotic - to the pinnacle of maturity - integrated and optimized.

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  • Taylor

    Creating and Driving Service Excellence An Executive’s Guide to IT Service Management
    Sharon Taylor & Ivor Macfarlane

    The aim of this book was to produce an introduction and guide to ITSM that could be read by a busy executive on their commute to work or on a short plane trip. Those needing to obtain executive commitment and buy-in to ITSM could slip this under the CxO door or into the briefcase in the hope that this 70 page booklet would be read and the understanding that “IT service management is a strategic asset; one that you can capitalize on as you would any other business asset” would be achieved.

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  • Fry

    Building an ITIL® – based Service Management Department
    Malcolm Fry

    This book discusses how to build a well-constructed Service Management Department (SMD) by following nine steps. The book provides guidance on preparing a phased implementation plan and templates to assist along the way.

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  • ERM

    Enterprise Release Management – Agile Delivery of a Strategic Change Portfolio
    Louis J. Taborda

    Enterprise Release Management (ERM) presents a new paradigm for the management of evolving business and IT architectures. ERM takes a holistic view of change that offers a synthesis of traditional management approaches, including project and change management, enterprise architecture, and development practices such as configuration and release management. The book establishes an end-to-end release framework that ensures initiatives are planned and prioritized to streamline portfolio execution and delivery.

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  • catalog

    The Service Catalog – A Practitioner Guide
    Mark O’Loughlin

    This book provides comprehensive coverage of the subject matter from understanding concepts; discussing service catalogue types; creating a framework; design and development; ongoing management and technology considerations.

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  • Unknown

    ITIL V3 Small-Scale Implementation
    Sharon Taylor & Ivor Macfarlane

    This publication is aimed at those working in or with small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). However, as you will see from the commentary I believe that the content is also relevant and beneficial to large-scale organisations.

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  • ITIL Lite

    ITIL® Lite
    Malcolm Fry

    This publication proposes an approach to implementing key components of ITIL V3 for those organisations that, for a variety of reasons, will not be implementing the whole of ITIL V3.

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  • KEG

    Key Element Guides
    ITIL V3 Authoring Team – Office of Government Commerce (OGC)

    Each of the Key Element Guides (or KEGs) provides a synopsis of the basic concepts and practice elements of each of the core publications. These publications do not replace the ITIL core publications or act as a substitute for the full guidance. They serve as a quick reference guide and direct the reader to the full guidance when needed. They all provide an overview of the ITIL framework, the service lifecycle approach and the lifecycle governance and lifecycle operations elements of the service management model.

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