Events Diary

Public Sector Service Management Improvement
June 27, 2017


For any organisation to ensure that an ITSM improvement initiative succeeds and thrives in their organisation, it’s vital to get people on board and ensure they understand the benefits and reason behind implementing the change.

The risk of not obtaining employee or management buy-in for the initiative can lead to costly failure. Decades of research have shown that 70% of change initiatives fail due to a lack of OCM.

Karen will be running a workshop to equip you with the tools to perform stakeholder analysis. A stakeholder is anybody who can affect or is affected by the change initiative - internal and external - and at any level within the organisation.

Stakeholder analysis is critical and informs effective stakeholder management.

The workshop will cover the following key themes:

➢ A quick look at how OCM can affect your ITSM improvement initiative

➢ Tools and techniques to identify your stakeholders

➢ Stakeholder analysis using power / influence mapping

> Identification of stakeholder types

➢ Stakeholder management and approaches to effective engagement

Karen will also be a panel member discussing OCM in ITSM


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