“Many may have the knowledge but not all are able to clearly and concisely share it with lasting impact. Today's digitally enhanced and connected world presents a wider opportunity to share their expertise but also requires them to continually define and adapt their message and themselves to the different styles of delivery and audience. An ability that Karen Ferris appears to make effortless but I know from experience, she spares no strength of purpose in making it so. I have watched, learnt from and engaged with Karen as a speaker for a number of years. Speakers come, speakers go but Karen Ferris is a mainstay! Karen's ability to translate, transmute and transform leaves a lasting impression. Karen continues to illuminate with brilliance, presenting thoroughly researched and well considered content enrobed in practical human experience. Karen's presentations are not just delivered exceedingly well but willingly absorbed by audiences world-wide." ”

— Simone Moore, Director, HDAA