The TFT13 Experience

This week (18 June) saw the second TFT (Tomorrow’s IT Service Management Future Today) global virtual 24 hour conference.

TFT13 continuously streamed 24 presentations from over 15 different time zones via Google Hangout on Air to YouTube.

Having been involved in TFT12 I was a little (note – little) more relaxed about TFT13 as I had now got my head around the technology and how Google Hangout would work on the day.

That being said, the butterflies were just as prevalent as they were in 2012. The results of TFT12 stood TFT13 in good stead of getting more viewers both for the live event and following the event via the various social media channels. Add to this, for TFT13 I was the very first presenter and hoping that I would be worthy of establishing a good start to the 24 hours.

Being a little more relaxed for TFT13 I think I enjoyed the experience more than TFT12. I certainly breathed more than I did on the 2012 event!

I was also able to view some of the other presenters live and the level of excitement, enthusiasm and passion was just amazing and inspiring at the same time. I will be viewing the recordings of the presentations I wasn’t able to watch over the coming weeks and am looking forward to learning as much as I did whilst watching the handful I saw live.

All of the presentations can be viewed here. It’s also great to know that all of the presenters were selected by their industry peers and colleagues – no committees or selection board. These were the people that the people wanted to hear.

My presentation expanded on my TFT12 presentation and described how to choose the right practices from the 59 in the Balanced Diversity framework for organisational change.

I am looking forward to submitting a suggestion for the next TFT and being able to once again join such esteemed company. I encourage everyone reading this to consider doing the same.

The statistics for TFT13, compiled following the end of the conference, are astounding and you can read them here.

My presentation can be viewed here.

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