The Times They Are a-Changin

DylanIn the words of the song -  ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’. No less could be said for IT Service Management.

Last year saw the inaugural 24-hour virtual ITSM conference – TFT12. On 5th December 2012, 24 speakers over 24 hours shared their insights, experience, foresights and content with a global audience. Starting in New Zealand and ending in Hawaii, the virtual conference was a groundbreaking event. It streamed live to Google+ and YouTube.

The brainchild of Chris Dancy and supported by SDI and sponsor BMC,  TFT12 was seen in over 30 countries, had 1.2 million social media impressions in the 24-hour period and 3,795 slides were downloaded. See all the statistics here.

Even after the ‘real-time’ TFT12 was completed, the content from TFT12 is still being interacted with via media channels such as iTunesSoundcloudYouTube, and Slideshare.

Unlike physical conferences, there was no registration fee and the content has been freely available via multiple channels ever since.

TFT12 was also different in that the audience chose the speakers. Voting for speakers was crowd-sourced. There was no committee or selection panel. The speakers were the ones that the audience wanted to hear.

This year TFT13 will be held on 18 June 2013. The call for speakers is out and the list of presenters wanting to speak is growing day by day.

TFT13 goes beyond the amazing achievements of TFT12. So what’s changing?

TFT13 will combine a physical and virtual event as it passes through SDI’s Believe conference, plus there will be a second TFT13 Track for sponsors who would like the option of paid for content and a media partnership with BrightTALK.

This year selected speakers will be paid US$500 in appreciation of their support for TFT13. This is a major change for the ITSM industry as most ITSM professionals and practitioners do not get paid for their speaking engagements or provision of content.

TFT13 provides an unrivalled opportunity for sponsors to partner with TFT13 and reach an unprecedented audience.

As well as watching the event live on YouTube, delegates can register their Kindle or Evernote address and get the presentations of their choice pushed to their very own knowledge locker.

The Times They Certainly Are a-Changin!

Another breaking initiative in 2013 is the creation of SHIFT. SHIFT is a virtual community of passionate professionals in the IT products and services market.  SHIFT is an open and transparent organization loosely structured to help organise, rate, and promote the most effective content available.  SHIFT is made up of the individuals who have been volunteering and promoting the IT profession.

SHIFT is a privately held corporation that is owned by individuals who have been giving to the IT community, and demonstrated true passion for the promotion of the IT profession.

SHIFT brings together the industry professionals and practitioners, their content including presentations, podcasts, papers etc. and promotes them to the wider community.

Many community forums have been created to facilitate the sharing and exchange of ideas. SHIFT does not replace them but provides a hub where the voices from all these disparate places can be brought together in one community.

This ‘one-stop-shop’ for access to the top influencers in the industry and a platform that will promote their value has been too long awaited.

The Times They Really Are a-Changin!

If we can keep changing our industry in these ways, the future looks brighter.


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