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Convergence - Optimising Your Organisational Change

The theme for the 2018 Convergence conference is

"Whose Change is it anyway?"

Proudly presenting a Masterclass

"Game On! - How to win in a world of constant change".


We are in a world in which change is constant, unclear and complex.

Change is driven by both internal and external factors that cannot necessarily be predicted.

How do you manage change when the outcomes are not yet known or could change?

You can’t!

When change is a constant, a change program driven top down is not going to work.

What is needed is a change platform.

This is a co-designed approach to change that builds a platform, which allows everyone to:

  • initiate change
  • come up with ideas (innovate)
  • make decisions
  • and try-out new things (experiment)

This masterclass introduces the key roles that are needed to support this change platform - the managers, the coaches and the players!

More information and registration is available here.