Turbulence is the new norm. 
Are you ready?

I work at all levels in your organisation to transform it into a responsive, adaptable, fluid and future-proof cohesion, enabling you to thrive in today’s complex and unpredictable times, which are subject to relentless change. 

The future of your organisation rests in your people’s hands.  Make them the engineers of this future, where everyone leads!



I am a thought leader in the true sense of the word, constantly seeking better ways to inspire people to make the changes necessary for the evolution of your business. 

I understand that for an organization to evolve, people need to be touched by the desire to change from within. 

This is where I shine, in helping people understand that for evolution to take place, each person has a role to play. 
I am a catalyst for personal change, which in turn leads to organisational evolution.


Here are some of the responses to my presentations. 


"Thought provoking"


"Providing practical and useable guidance"

"Great style and communication, knows her stuff!"

"I found this webinar immensely valuable.  It was very clear that Karen has a lot of experience. 
Not only was the information valuable, but the presentation and delivery was very good"


"Fantastic walkthrough!"


If you are seeking a speaker who will inspire, challenge and disrupt your audience’s mindset,
and provide them with the ability to transform, I will exceed your expectations.  

All presentations are tailored for the audience’s.



I am an experienced facilitator with the ability to help teams reach consensus on the way in which to deal
with important issues. I tailor my workshops to meet the unique needs of the organisation and the individuals.

I take teams on a journey that engages and enthuses and brings unity among the team through my skilled,
knowledgeable and friendly approach. I work closely with my clients to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.



I thrive when listening, questioning and constructively challenging the status quo. 
I have effectively coached teams and individuals who need to evolve in line with the evolution of the business. 

I target the changes that need to be achieved so that the individuals or teams are equipped and prepared,
and willing to adjust to business transformation. 

This ensures a win-win:  The organisation wins as it supports and develops the people through change.
The individuals win because they are more secure in their roles, and they can be confident they have the skills
necessary for the transformation at hand.

I help individuals and teams look at situations from a different perspective. 
I provide encouragement and support, build trust, and hold people to account in order to achieve the desired state.

I have effectively and successfully coached front-line employees through to senior executives.



I am a seasoned trainer and have delivered countless training courses for organisations from foundation
level learning to executive programs.

I deliver programs on a range of subjects, inspiring and empowering people and organisations on all things
organisational change, and service management.   I will tailor a program to suit your specific needs and timeframes. 

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Balanced Diversity:  A portfolio approach to organisational change.

The objective of this publication is to present a framework that enables organisations to successfully embed
change related to Service Management into the fabric of the organisation.  The challenge faced by most leaders
of change is not so much about making the change in the first place, but making it stick.  Most change initiatives
fail because there is insufficient focus on the activities and practices needed to embed the change. This framework
is a reference guide, and provides every change leader with a wide range of practices that they can employ.


What people say about Balanced Diversity:

The biggest thing to happen to IT in years: an analytical framework for culture change.

- Rob England (aka The IT Skeptic)


Karen Ferris has written THE book on driving change. Balanced Diversity: A Portfolio Approach to Organizational
Change applies ITSM thinking, to implementing change. This is an area that all of us struggle with at times.
The result of her research is a full treatment of practices that can help anyone leading change initiatives. The source
of the approach comes from research on how to embed sustainability practices in business. Ms. Ferris has done a
superb job applying the model to the ITSM realm. She explains the concepts simply, not simplistically.

For instance, she classifies all change practices into four areas:

·       Fostering Commitment

·       Clarifying Expectations

·       Instilling Capacity for Change

·       Building Momentum for Change

 Balanced Diversity fills a critical need in the market for an organisational change model. It succeeds as both an
introduction to the topic and as a reference. I wholeheartedly recommend this book as “best practice” in this space.

- Roger Williams, itSMF USA


I have written for CIO Magazine, Computerworld, itSMF Bulletin, IT Chronicles, AXELOS Ltd, ITSM Review,
BSM Review, At your Service, to name a few.

I am available to write content for your organisation.  My range of topics is vast, and includes Service Management,
Organisational Change, Business Evolution, Digital Transformation, Leading Change.



My approachable and friendly manner has made me a natural choice as a mentor.  My passion for sharing my skills,
knowledge and expertise has been enjoyed by many individuals that have had the benefit of my mentoring.

I take a personal interest in my mentee and have the ability to offer constructive feedback and challenge my mentee
in order to foster professional development and a feeling of accomplishment.  I imbue my sessions with positivity and
empathy, putting the mentee at ease and in a positive mindset for learning and growth.

I work with my  mentee in identifying goals that are achievable in the short term, and a vision that is achievable longer
term.  I encourage my mentee to manage the relationship in order to make the mentee aware that professional
development is his/her own responsibility.

I identify risks on the career path of the mentee; potential skills experience and qualifications shortfalls that may
jeopardise his/her position or career.  This provides a platform for useful discussion around a professional development
path for the mentee.



I combine my various delivery methods to create unique transformational programs for change.

Each program is tailored to meet your specific needs, both now and into the future.

Find out more about my programs here.