From industry leaders and clients.


“The workshop was an outstanding success…”

The workshop was an outstanding success, and feedback received from Change Advisory Group members included the following:

  • Your presentation style was energetic, inclusive and professional

  • The material you presented was highly relevant for the Group and our organisation

  • The tools you provided were practical, and easy to understand and use

The group came away quite energised and motivated by the session.  We are looking forward to working with again so that we can equip more people, and in particular our leadership group, to manage the ongoing change within the organisation.

- Denise Hartman - Executive Manager, People and Culture - Wentworth Community Housing

"Energising and in step with business needs..."

Karen has a brilliant ability to make Change Management powerfully simple, tangible, energising and in step with business needs

- Liz Sweeney - Senior Change Analyst

"Able to influence senior stakeholders, which is particularly difficult in such a highly regulated environment..."

Karen has worked with the ATO over the past twelve months to strengthen the capability of the Superannuation Program of Work to respond to changes in legislation. Karen has developed the appropriate networks to exchange information, build individual and group capability and introduced new ways of managing change to the ATO. She has mentored and developed individuals and groups and significantly shifted the capability of the Superannuation Project Management Office in managing the people side of change. Karen connects well with staff of all levels and is able to influence senior stakeholders, which is particularly difficult in such a highly regulated environment. I would recommend Karen and Macanta to any organisation that needs support in building their change management capability.

— Sam Dureau, Director People Change Management, Australian Taxation Office

"She had the knowledge and experience to help me develop the skills I needed..."

When moving to the next stage of my career, I understood I needed a mentor who was already an expert at the things I needed to learn. Whilst I have over 30 years experience in Service Management I wanted to be able to do international SM consulting, specialising in service design, build and implementation whilst bringing to the table a strong ability in OCM. Whilst it is never a showstopper, I was also keen to have a woman as my mentor. After investigation, for me, there was no real option other than Karen Ferris. Karen met all the criteria in the depth and breadth of her knowledge and experience. 
I approached Karen (nervously, as I hadn’t considered a plan B) and asked her to mentor me. She thankfully accepted. 
I found Karen to be very approachable. She is professional, kind and above all she had the knowledge and experience to help me develop the skills I needed. Karen also covered a number of areas of learning I hadn’t considered I needed, and which I use to this day. Of the many areas of skill, I found her ability to move easily from the theory / strategy to the application and implementation of solutions inspirational.

— Sue Lamont, Service Management Solutions Consultant, Fujitsu Australia

"Hard working, professional, committed and responsive..."

Karen's knowledge is both broad and deep. She has the practical experience to underpin her process expertise. I found Karen to be hard working, professional, committed and responsive to deadlines. She has a great sense of humour, which is certainly an asset when working in the process field.

— Steve Kirkpatrick, Director Advanced Services, Cisco

"Karen is a world class speaker..."

I was so impressed with Karen when I saw her speak at a conference in Holland that I knew there and then I would arrange for her to speak at an itSMF Ireland event in the future. And so I did. Karen spoke passionately about the green agenda and how IT and ITSM principles can make a small but significant difference. Karen is a world class speaker whom I would have no hesitation in recommending.

— Mark O’Loughlin, Director, itSMF Ireland

"Her authenticity is indefinably out of this world..."

I have never quite understood the concept of the ‘professional speaker’. I have read books, listened to tapes, breezed through blogs on the ‘best practices’ of a public speaker. The proclaim edicts such as ‘have a call to action’, ‘don't read your slides’, and ‘it's normal to be nervous’. We live in a world where public speaking is something that happens constantly - a billion or so people publicly broadcast themselves every moment of every day as they update events in their lives to a public audience via social networks.

Today it is important to understand the role of the new public speaker, and how this role affects the event and the audience. Firstly, today’s speakers, as should always have been the case, must have a level of mastery in a topic that is seen as ‘common sense’. Secondly, they need to be able to present their message with a level of humility that transcends what we used to call ‘genuine’. Audiences have been exposed to every cliché and trick in the book; they deserve a speaker who has taken the time to consider, both intellectually and emotionally, the topic at hand. Finally, today's orators have to come with something that, just three years ago, didn't exist.

Today’s speaker must bring their own audience, amplify events and lift the dialog out of the room through the audience’s use of social media. This feat is unique to today’s connected world. Good speakers fill up the coffers of events with hope, and a feel good message. A professional communicator must offer to a physical event, an online brand and persona that attendees can consume before, during and long after the event. Public speaking in 2013 is full of best practice but, ultimately, it is full of new responsibilities.

I have had the rare pleasure of experiencing presentations from Karen Ferris at events on three continents over the past three years. I can, without hesitation, endorse her persona, her person and her message. Karen is a human who effortlessly transcends the physical room and creates a complete digital experience for conference organizers. Karen is followed by tens of thousands of people online, and her authenticity is indefinably out of this world.

— Chris Dancy

"She will delight and educate her audience and provoke discussion..."

When Karen Ferris is on the agenda at any conference I am attending, her sessions are always on the top of my agenda. Karen is an innovative thinker who challenges her audience to consider new ways of thinking in the IT Service Management space. Karen’s talks and her book on the Balanced Diversity portfolio approach to organizational change expand the horizons of everyone who attends an event or reads the book. Karen is not afraid to think of new approaches. She is one of the most inspiring speakers on the IT Service Management calendar of events. I would urge any event organizer to strongly consider Karen as a Keynote, Plenary, Breakout, Panel or Workshop presenter. She will delight and educate her audience and provoke discussion well after the event is over. 

— Kirstie Magowan, Content Developer, GoTo Marketers

Karen is very knowledgeable and always willing to share that knowledge..."

Karen has been a regular speaker at the annual itSMF Australia conference over many years, as both a Keynote speaker, a contributor to industry panels and also a presenter in breakout sessions. Karen is very knowledeable, always willing to share that knowledge and really understands the challenges that are faced when trying to embed change into an organisation. In addition, Karen has been a member of the itSMF Board since 2006 and has contributed time, experience and enthusiasm to ensuring that the forum is always relevant and provides excellent value to its members. I have very much enjoyed working with Karen on the Board and look forward to her continued involvement. As well as the contribution to Service Management in the form of speaking, Karen is also a member of the International Editorial Advisory Taskforce (EAT) and I know her contributions have been invaluable in ensuring the that the publications are worthy of the itSMF stamp of approval.”

— Kathryn Heaton

"She is an exceptional individual..."

Karen Ferris is a highly talented professional with a unique ability to unite a team and drive them towards an outstanding outcome for the organization they are working within. Karen is incredibly generous with her talents and creates a unique atmosphere with her clients and colleagues that lifts the entire team to perform beyond their best. Karen’s expertise and leadership allowed CitiPower Powercor to implement a highly effective IT Service Management framework into the organization in record time. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with Karen again in future. She is an exceptional individual.


— Sharon Green, Manager, Service Management, Citipower and Powercor

"Karen is always on the mark, provoking thought, and engaging with her audience..."

Karen’s clear, concise and practical style always sees her rated as one of the top speakers at any event. Whether at international conferences, seminars, webinars or workshops, Karen is always on the mark, provoking thought, engaging with her audience and delivering valuable insights. Her professional delivery, subject knowledge and willingness to share her experience makes her an exceptional speaker that I can highly recommend.

— Greg Porter, General Manager, Pseven Solutions Melbourne

"Karen continues to illuminate with brilliance..."

Many may have the knowledge but not all are able to clearly and concisely share it with lasting impact. Today's digitally enhanced and connected world presents a wider opportunity to share their expertise but also requires them to continually define and adapt their message and themselves to the different styles of delivery and audience. An ability that Karen Ferris appears to make effortless but I know from experience, she spares no strength of purpose in making it so. I have watched, learnt from and engaged with Karen as a speaker for a number of years. Speakers come, speakers go but Karen Ferris is a mainstay! Karen's ability to translate, transmute and transform leaves a lasting impression. Karen continues to illuminate with brilliance, presenting thoroughly researched and well considered content enrobed in practical human experience. Karen's presentations are not just delivered exceedingly well but willingly absorbed by audiences world-wide." ”

— Simone Moore

"I wholeheartedly recommend her as a speaker..."

Karen is a regular and popular keynote speaker at itSMF New Zealand Conferences. She is a passionate and engaging speaker and her ability to continually introduce new concepts and ways of doing things always presents a breath of fresh air. She is generous with her knowledge and never fails to capture the audience's attention. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a speaker for your next conference. 

— Tristan Boot, Former President, itSMF New Zealand

"She always provides audiences with an excellent performance..."

Karen has an uncanny ability to predict key trends within the IT space prior to their emergence.She is often called upon to address both national and international forums and always provides audiences with an excellent performance each time.

— Lisa Reid, Client Partner, Franklin Covey

"I was very fortunate to have Karen in my corner..."

I was very fortunate to have Karen in my corner as we built a Release Management process, and re-engineered the Change Management process to support an evolving business model. Without her knowledge and guidance we would not have achieved the goals we set ourselves.

— Leanne Munro, Former Implementation Manager, NAB