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Game On!

It’s match day. Your team is playing a big game.

It’s going to be a tough one.

This game, like all those that have been played before, is different.

The ground, the weather, playing conditions, opposition, tactics, team composition, player positions have all changed.

Even during the game there will be change. Player positions and roles, tactics, team numbers and players may also change.

There is no resistance to change. There is resilience in the face of change. It’s game on!

You and your organization must be the same. With increasing competition, disruption and transformation, organizations face change that is constant, complex, volatile and uncertain and happening at a pace never seen before.

If you want to stay ahead of the game, you need the same resilience as your winning team.

In this book, self-professed organizational change management rebel with a cause, Karen Ferris, introduces you to the tactics needed to be resilient and successful – tactics that enable you and your organization to triumph in the face today’s challenges.

You and your organization can be fit, skilled, capable, supported and well-prepared for constant change.


Karen Ferris has provided a fantastic playbook on how to deal with change in the workplace.
I've had the privilege of attending some of Karen's events and meeting her in person, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge in how organisations can shift and be proactive in the face of disruption. She has captured her key learnings in this book and created a book that is well structured, easy to read and best of all full of advice that is able to be implemented by any organisation! The tactics in this book are perfectly suited to the changing workplace and the disruptive challenges that all industries are facing.
I've worked with many leaders and organisations going through large transformations and this is a book I highly recommend to them.

- Mia Elliott, Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

At last, a relatable change management handbook, filled with advice and examples of leading change in our fast paced 'VUCA' world. Karen shares many useful models. analogies and methods that we can immediately apply to managing transformation projects and change programs. With these tactics under their belts, todays leaders will be more confident to lead the charge... Game on!

- Abby Phillips, General Manager

This book is easy to read, with practical tools to use in your next change program. Karen uses the game of soccer as an analogy for change making this CM approach one that anyone can pick up and utilise to lead change back in the workplace. A fun, fresh and uplifting way to approach change in our VUCA world!

- Kimberley Spiteri, Organisational Change Leader

I enjoyed reading it. Easy to read, well structured, nice combination between principles and practical lessons for leaders and managers to learn. Strongly recommend.

- R. England, Managing Director

Wow. It is that experience when you sit (or lie in my case) down for a quiet Sunday afternoon read and the information is mind blowing. That feeling when you read something and it is a perfect summary of all your thinking, talking and work - I had that experience today. I finally got to read Karen’s book "Game On, Change is constant". That is when I got that feeling of 'wow'. This is no BS. Taking a complete different angle to change, 100% aligned to Lean Thinking about engagement, empowerment & trust in people. Lean has the '8 wastes of Lean' my favourite one - non utilised talent. To understand what that means - read this book. I feel so embarrassed now when I spoke about this subject in Wellington with Karen front row in the audience!! ha ha talk about the apprentice sending the message to the teacher! But seriously people, it is an easy read - I smashed most of it out in nearly a day! It will change how you lead, engage and see how to achieve operational excellence.

- Rob Bull, Director

I found this book to be thoroughly engaging and full of ah ha! moments. Karen writes in such a style and with such great breadth of examples that it really takes the reader on a journey with her. It shows us as change management practitioners how we should be working now and into the future. I have found numerous practical applications from her book in my day to day practice and have referenced it in whole and in part on a number of occasions already. The focus on leaders and adaptive leadership particularly resonated with me. Really looking forward to her next book! Highly recommended!!

- Andrew Waugh-Young, Senior Change Consultant

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Balanced Diversity

The objective of this publication is to present a framework that enables organisations to successfully embed
change related to Service Management into the fabric of the organisation.  The challenge faced by most leaders
of change is not so much about making the change in the first place, but making it stick.  Most change initiatives
fail because there is insufficient focus on the activities and practices needed to embed the change. This framework
is a reference guide, and provides every change leader with a wide range of practices that they can employ.



The biggest thing to happen to IT in years: an analytical framework for culture change.

- Rob England (aka The IT Skeptic)


Karen Ferris has written THE book on driving change. Balanced Diversity: A Portfolio Approach to Organizational
Change applies ITSM thinking, to implementing change. This is an area that all of us struggle with at times.
The result of her research is a full treatment of practices that can help anyone leading change initiatives. The source
of the approach comes from research on how to embed sustainability practices in business. Ms. Ferris has done a
superb job applying the model to the ITSM realm. She explains the concepts simply, not simplistically.

For instance, she classifies all change practices into four areas:

·       Fostering Commitment

·       Clarifying Expectations

·       Instilling Capacity for Change

·       Building Momentum for Change

 Balanced Diversity fills a critical need in the market for an organisational change model. It succeeds as both an
introduction to the topic and as a reference. I wholeheartedly recommend this book as “best practice” in this space

- Roger Williams, itSMF USA