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Convergence - Optimising Your Organisational Change

The theme for the 2018 Convergence conference is

"Whose Change is it anyway?"

Proudly presenting a Masterclass

"Game On! - How to win in a world of constant change".


We are in a world in which change is constant, unclear and complex.

Change is driven by both internal and external factors that cannot necessarily be predicted.

How do you manage change when the outcomes are not yet known or could change?

You can’t!

When change is a constant, a change program driven top down is not going to work.

What is needed is a change platform.

This is a co-designed approach to change that builds a platform, which allows everyone to:

  • initiate change
  • come up with ideas (innovate)
  • make decisions
  • and try-out new things (experiment)

This masterclass introduces the key roles that are needed to support this change platform - the managers, the coaches and the players!

More information and registration is available here.

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Service Management 2018

Workshop: Driving the People Side of Change - The Need for Speed

We all need to operate in a world in which change is volatile, constant and complex.

We all need to drive change in this brave new world. We can no longer rely on a select few to   manage the people side of change. People change has to be everyone's business.

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We need speed!

This workshop will explore why the traditional frameworks and methodologies for people change have to change themselves.

When change needs to be faster, cyclical and iterative, our thinking also needs to evolve.

You will be introduced to that evolution.

We will look at how we adapt the traditional tools and techniques for organisational change management and the new tools and techniques we need in order to be faster, more adaptive and relevant.

It doesn't matter whether your organisational delivery follows a waterfall approach, agile approach or a mix of both.

People change needs to evolve and adopt an agile mindset.

You will be introduced to the use of  tools including lean coffee, blast radius, plans on a page, canvases, lean personas, change scorecards and much more.

You will be able to use them immediately back in the workplace and start effectively driving the people side of your change in a rapidly changing environment.

This is a highly interactive and hands-on event that will immerse you in new thinking.

I would love to have you join me for this exciting event. Places are limited.


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Service Management 2018

Keynote: Why People Change Has To Be Everyone's Business - Game On!

When change is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - 

When constant change is the new black - 

We cannot rely on a select few to manage the people side of change.

This keynote presentation describes the brave new world we are now or are about to be faced with.

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When change is fast and iterative and subject to alteration in outcomes itself, how do you manage the people side of change. How do you communicate and engage when the outcomes are not yet known. You can't!

We have to stop talking about resistance to change and start talking about resilience.

The presentation describes how we need to simplify the roles involved in the people side of change and how change has to be everyone's business.

Our workforce is a team and has to behave like a field sports team. Every game is different. Ground, pitch, opposition, tactics, position etc.

The team says 'Game On!' There is no resistance to change! They have managers and coaches that make it happen.

So how do we move our workforce to a position of 'Game On?'

This presentation shows you how.





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BrightTALK - Why put people first? Its the only winning formula

About this webinar


We have been saying 'people are our greatest asset' for eons. But have we really demonstrated it?

When organisations are undergoing change that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous and we need people to change at a velocity never known before, putting people first is an imperative.

If organisations don't do this they will very quickly cease to be relevant in this world of increasing disruption.

In this webinar, Karen Ferris and Daniel Breston discuss why the people side of change is so important and how the organisational change management landscape has changed.


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Change Management is Broken!

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Organisational Change Management as an approach needs to undergo radical transformation if it is to be of any value when constant change is the new black. At this event Karen will explore why the traditional approaches to Organisational Change Management will no longer work in a world of constant, rapid, unpredictable and complex change. In attending this event, you will learn how to move people from change resistance to change resilience by taking three key steps. Karen will also explore the strategies organisations need to employ, in order to survive and thrive in this brave new world of relentless change - all of which are transformational.


Attendees will receive an advanced copy of Karen's latest white paper - 'Change Management is Broken!'.

Breakfast/Registration 7am for a 7.30am start. Presentation will finish at approx 8.30am for a 9am close.

Car parking is available at $21.60 per vehicle. Exit before 9.30am.

RACV Club dress code is smart casual.

Places are limited so book early!

Register here.

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Change Management Think Tank

2017 has been the year of CMI experimenting with new concepts. Early this year CMI Victoria had launched its Deep Dive event for the Thought Leaders of today. From the great success of this event and the overwhelming interest, CMI have organised yet another Deep Dive for a half day Saturday on the 11th of November!

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SDI Shine 2017

Shine17 is SDI’s free, online conference for service desk professionals everywhere. On 26th October you can hear inspiring ITSM speakers present live from around the world. You can attend as many sessions as you like, without travelling anywhere or spending any money.

I will be presenting "Bringing AGILty to Service Management  - Rapid Results - Right Results.

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