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My second book should be published before the end of the year. Titled “Game On! Tactics to Win When Change is Constant” it uses a soccer analogy to describe how individuals and organisations can not only survive but thrive in a world of volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous change.


Close your eyes and imagine this….

It’s match day. Your team is playing a big game.

It’s going to be a tough one.

This game, like all those that have been played before, is different.

The ground, the weather, playing conditions, opposition, tactics, team composition, player positions have all changed.

Even during the game there will be change. Player positions and roles, tactics, team numbers and players may also change.

There is no resistance to change. There is resilience in the face of change. It’s game on!

My book explores how organisations must be the same as the winning soccer team.

With increasing competition, disruption and transformation, organizations face change that is constant, complex, volatile and uncertain and happening at a pace never seen before.

If they want to stay ahead of the game, they need the same resilience as the winning team.

You and your organisation can be fit, skilled, capable, supported and well-prepared for constant change.

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Karen FerrisComment