Change is Broken! White Paper

Organizational change management as an approach needs to undergo radical transformation if it is to be of any value when constant change is the new black! Organizational change management practitioners will have to fundamentally change their thinking and approach to remain relevant.

In this paper I will explore why the traditional approaches to organizational change management will no longer work in a world of constant, rapid, unpredictable and complex change.

I describe the world in which all organizations now operate – one of disruption – and how to survive in that world.

Building resilience to change should now be the number one priority for organizations that wish to manage the people side of change. These organizations must attract talent, and retain the talent they have in order to remain relevant. In this paper, I explain how that resilience can be built.

I outline the changes organizations will have to make to survive in a world of constant disruption – some of them transformational.

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