It Is Game On For Change Management!

That’s What I Said!

Gotta love validation!

A report has just been released (April 2019) entitled “Shaping the Future of Change Management Offices Part 1”.

The report is the result of research conducted by change management consultancy firm Issoria with assistance from the Change Management Institute (CMI).

The report can be accessed  here.

 The research targeted Change Management Office (CMO) leaders – people who have set up and established CMOs – and Change Managers who are currently or have previously worked in a corporate CMO. There were 206 research participants from around the globe.

 There were some interesting but not surprising findings. I will let you read the report for yourself.

The best takeaway for me was the conclusion that CMOs need to move beyond the transactional nature of much of the CMO work.

Managers, coaches and players

I have been banging on for a while that change management across an organization should be like a soccer team comprised of managers, coaches and players.

Business people soccer pitch (Blue) copy.jpg

Our workforce needs to be like players for whom every game is different. The location, ground, pitch, supporters, weather, strategy tactics, playing position, team composition can all change. The players don't resist the change. They say Game On! They are resilient in the face of constant change.

This is because they have been given the capability to be resilient through the support of managers and coaches.

The managers are our current change management professionals who need to stop being operational and transactional and start to strategize. They need to create the game plan to build a resilient workforce. The game plan ensures that the coaches and players are physically and mentally fit.

The coaches are a capable and effective squad of change agents at every level of the organisation. They act as change facilitators, sponsors, advocates and champions. They are truly equipped with the skills and competencies needed to be effective change agents. They ensure that resilience is maintained, retained and sustained.

This coalition establishes a workforce that is game ready. The managers, coaches and players model recognises that leading change has to be everyone’s business and we should stop talking about managing resistance to change and start talking about building resilience in the face of constant change. Change is not linear. It’s iterative, cyclic and agile. 


The research results validate my managers, coaches and players model.

Here are some report extracts.

“Central to becoming a CMO that achieves more is moving beyond working as a transactional resource provider, to becoming an ongoing centre of value adding expertise.” GOAL!

“Helping to develop change skills across the organization on an ongoing basis will move a CMO beyond a transactional resource provider.” GOAL!

“To move up the value chain CMOs must look to develop team member skills much more widely.” GOAL!

“It is no good relying on yesterday’s change management skills developed for the era of large programmes.” GOAL!

“Fast moving organisations need change managers and CMOs who spend as much time coaching the rest of the organisation to perform the appropriate change management activities.” GOAL!

goal copy.jpg