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I combine all of my delivery methods to provide comprehensive programs of work that drive transformational change.

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Game On! Resilient Workforce


I have designed and I deliver this unique program, aimed at building a resilient workforce faced with constant change that says ‘Game On!’

Organisational change management needs to fundamentally transform if we are to build a workforce that is resilient in the face of constant, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous change.

A resilient organisation is prepared for today’s changes, poised for more and able to adapt to future challenges.

Resilience is a competency that has tangible business benefits. Business performance improves, there is a feeling of security and trust, and employees are engaged. 

Organisations that have engaged employees retain and attract talent.

·      Employee disengagement costs the Australian economy $54.8 billion annually1

·      Employee attrition in an Australian workforce of just 500 people costs $5,067,634 per year2


As the organisational change management competency has developed over the years, we have introduced more and more roles. 

They include change leads, change practitioners, change analysts, executive sponsors, primary sponsors, supporting sponsors, targets, stakeholders, change champions, change agents, experience owners.

The list goes on. 

The latest perpetrators are way-makers and journey planners!

Who is doing what?

Complexity is the enemy of execution.


We only need three roles in organisational change management.

Managers, coaches and players.

Managers are the organisational change management subject matter experts. They form the centre of excellence.

Coaches are active coalition of changes agents and sponsors. They are the advocates, the facilitators and the advisors.

Players are our employees. They form a resilient and winning team.

Manager, coaches and players are a resilient team.


Determine the resilience strategy and direct the gameplay

Ensure that coaches are receiving the necessary training, support and mentoring required to effectively and efficiently transition the players through constant change.


Ensure the players are game fit.

Develop the skills and capabilities of the players

Communicate the strategy to the players and explaining their individual roles

Actively and visibly support and reinforce constant change as the norm.


Our workforce operates like a soccer team.

For the players, every week there is change.

The ground, pitch, supporters,,  weather, opposition, tactics, playing position – they all change. 

Playing positions and team numbers can also change mid-game.

The players do not protest. They say ‘Game On!’

Constant change is their norm.


The program consists of:

•      Awareness for the leadership team of the program and their involvement

•      Education and ongoing coaching for the managers (change specialists) to drive a resilience program. This includes building an active network of coaches (agents and sponsors).

•      Education and initial support for the coaches in regards to organisational change and providing them with the required skills and capabilities to be effective coaches.

•      Educating the players (workforce) about the need for constant change and the “Game On” program.

Each organisation will receive a customised program to address their current and future requirements. The program will be priced accordingly.


Schedule a 90-minute meeting with Karen to discuss your specific needs. 

Karen will then formulate a Game On program that meets your requirements and convene a follow-up advisory meeting. 

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