Programs for Change

I combine all of my delivery methods to provide comprehensive programs of work that drive transformational change.

All my programs can be combined and customised to meet specific needs and deliver definite outcomes

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People Transitions

Transitioning people through change is now continual and multi-faceted. Traditional organisational change management approaches widely used today include a myriad of roles to be played. They also focus on resistance to change as opposed to resilience in the face of constant change.

Complexity is the nemesis of change.

Just like in successful sports teams, we only need three roles in organizational change and they are competent and effective managers, coaches and players.

This is a powerful guiding coalition for change that ingrains, sustains and maintains resilience across the organisation.

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Unleash The Resiliator!

Without resilience in the face of constant change, individuals will suffer stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and eventually burn-out.

Resilience can be learnt. Resilient individuals embrace constant change; are adaptable and flexible; anticipate change; are pre-emptive and change before they have to. Everyone in the organisation can create the environment in which resilience can flourish.

Resilience has individual and organisational benefits that cannot be overlooked. But the overarching motivation should be organisational survival.

This program can incorporate an interactive self-help platform hosted within your organisation that provides individuals with the resources needed to be resilient in the face of constant change. Watch the video here. Get in touch for more information.

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Adaptive Leadership and Teams

Adaptive leaders and teams acknowledge that we are now living in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

When change is uncertain, leaders need to be able to read the right signals and act upon them.

Adaptive leaders and teams learn through experimentation; they manage the context, not the instruction set. They cultivate a diversity of views to generate multiplicity of options.

Adaptive leaders and teams know what to do when they don't know what to do. They adapt and thrive, regardless of the turbulence they face.

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Need for Speed

The only way to be truly responsive to constant change is to become quicker, iterative, lean and nimble and adaptable.

Organisations are looking at ways to increase their agility across the entire enterprise. Our challenge is managing the people side of such fast-paced change.

We need to align organisational change management with agile practices, continually transition, and keep pace with the cadence of iterative delivery.

We need tools and techniques that are FASTER - flexible, accessible, simple, transparent, evocative and relevant.

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Leaders Let Go

Leaders need to let go of control. Organizations can only be responsive when they flatten the structure, remove the bureaucracy that slows them down, and give employees autonomy.

Autonomy means decision-making is distributed and communication flows easily throughout the organization. Employee innovation, creativity, and experimentation are embraced. Employees can self-manage and they decide what to work on, how, and when.

One of the biggest challenges creating this autonomous workplace is getting managers to get out of the way. Managers need to become true leaders and surrender control.

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Change is Everyone’s Business

You do not get to lead and drive change just because you have a title. True leaders don't need a title or bestowed authority.

When everyone can lead and drive change, you create a level playing field. You don't have to be sitting in a position of ‘authority’ to make a decision or make a contribution. You have a workplace where everyone can make a difference. Diversity of thinking and unique perspectives bring competitive advantage though increased innovation, creativity, experimentation, engagement, motivation and inspiration.

In today’s fast moving competitive environment, you need an organisation brimming with people ready to step up, lead and drive improvements, increase collaboration and respond to ever-changing conditions.